Haley and Stephanie met in the summer of 2014 in Minneapolis, MN. Both women connected over a passion for creative pursuits and began collaborating over Haley’s former blog and podcast Curious North. Steph was looking to get more experience with photography and ended up shooting many events and teaching Haley a thing or two about her skill set.

Aside from being professional friends, the two ended up hanging out. They actually became quite fond of one another. Now roommates, Haley and Steph are breaking back into the blogging and podcasting spheres with Bras Optional.

This show is created by women, for women. It’s an interesting world we ladies live in. There are unique situations and challenges that warrant a good conversation and that’s exactly what this show is for. Guests will come on to talk about their respective industries, families, relationships and how they navigate this crazy world. We’ll even have some fellas show up on once in a while to pretend they know what being a woman is like so we can laugh at them.

If you’re interested in being one of our guests, providing a topic or two or just want to talk about what we’re up to, email haley@brasoptionalpodcast.com.

We hope you enjoy what we’re dishing out!