Stephanie Thorup


Let’s start with the basics. My name is Stephanie Thorup. I’ve lived in Minnesota for my entire life and I think it’s pretty neat here.

I consider myself a very passionate person. Music is always my number one. I sing and play guitar, bass, and drums on a good day. I also know one song on ukulele. Maybe someone will teach me another one. You’ll probably hear me (shamelessly) plug my band The Phoenix Philosophy a million times. I only do so because I think you’d probably like it, so why not share the wealth!

Besides music, graphic design and photography are my other big passions. I designed our logo and I’ll probably make some other fun things as we go. I discovered my real interest in documenting moments in time through Haley’s old project, Curious North. Until then I had only taken photos recreationally for friends. Next thing I knew, I was taking photos for bands/artists that were national powerhouses. The skill and experience I gained from those shoots are invaluable, so naturally I was on board when Haley asked if I wanted to help with another project.

When I’m not recording interesting conversations with my dear friend and co-host, I try to spend as much of my time making things as I can. I don’t like for my hands to be idle. The advantage to being a curious person is that I always find myself wanting to know more, make more, and be more.

That wasn’t so bad after all! I think I’ll stop blabbering about myself now. Want to know more? Let’s chat sometime.