My Birthday: The Longest Two Weeks of My Life

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Birthdays are a special time. They mark the beginning of a new age and cause some introspection on the last year’s passing, as well as thoughts on what the new year will bring.

I’ve been 26 for a solid week now.

Funny thing about this year- my lovely boyfriend and I share the exact same birthday. Same day, same year, and I’m a slight two hours older than the dapper young gentleman. Our mothers even have the same first name, but I digress.

Sharing a birthday has some amazing perks. For example, not having an excuse to forget your SO’s big day and only having to get buck wild once a year. Celebrating with both sides of the family is where things get time consuming, but not in a bad way! I love having reasons to be the center of attention, but this was the first year the celebrations spanned several weeks.

We started the week before our birthday when Boyfriend’s mom came to town. It was a super nice weekend filled with steaks, cake, pizza and beer! Pretty chill. Boyfriend’s mom even got him a pair of underwear, which look fabulous on his little butt.

The second round of birthday events came along when we hosted a cocktail and appetizer shindig at my apartment. It was a great evening during which I got to experience what a wonderful cocktail maker Boyfriend is and my bff made a super kick ass spread. Everyone had a great time.

After the party, there was one day before our actual birthday. I spent it with my mom, niece and grandparents. Again, it was chill. A fun restaurant, sweet new tea set and just an overall heartwarming time.

Boyfriend stopped over after all of that to hang out for a couple hours. That was when we got antsy and couldn’t hold in the excitement of exchanging our gifts. We went for it early and we both agreed that it was worth it. I got him tickets to Barry Manilow’s show and he got me tickets to the March 22nd Wild game. I got pretty emotional that he was so thoughtful. I freakin’ love hockey and it’s going to be funny to have him see me lose my damn mind over a sports match. On the flip side, I am now going to a Barry Manilow¬†concert. The fans are called Fanilows. I did not know that was a thing.

Which brings us to the main event. March 7th 2016 was a day of epic adventure, food, laziness and good times. It was awesome getting to wake up together on a day that was just about us. He made breakfast, we made the trek to Woodbury, MN to get some tattoos, we wanted to eat at Prairie Dogs but couldn’t because they are closed on Mondays. We then opted for Herkimer which has the greatest nachos on the planet. No contest. Then we came back to my place, watched some Netflix and then went to see The VVitch. That movie was scarier than hell. It still disturbs me.

Finally, the birthday festivities and plans finished up this weekend when we road tripped down to good ‘ol Waterloo, Iowa to stay with his dad and step mom. Super awesome people, if I may say so. They got me this beautiful¬†handmade journal (which I used today) and took us out to the best hibachi grill I’ve ever had. Tokyo Bay in Waterloo has spicy yumyum sauce and it made the meal.

So, that’s really it. That’s the end of birthday fest 2016. Thanks to those of you that stuck with me this entire post. I understand that it may not have been super interesting, but it was pretty cathartic to get this all down.

I feel like it’s time to be 26 and really do this right. Twenty-five was a great year. It was honestly the most calming and refreshing year of my life so far and I’m ready for another year of learning about me, being a better friend, girlfriend, podcaster, and human being.

Cheers, friends!