Bre Lewis Band at Palmer’s Bar

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Last Friday night, Bre Lewis and her band drank some beer and played music for the ugliest crowd of people Palmer’s Bar may have ever seen. Complete with a terrible staff of bar pirates who don’t understand what it means to be in a service industry, the happenings on stage were the only good part of the whole experience.


About those happenings, though. Here is is list of reasons that Bre Lewis Band deserves to play at better venues for the duration of their music careers.


5. Toxic


The classic Britney Spears song made it’s way to the tiny stage with a slower, more sultry rendition. It’s something to be heard to be believed.

4. Second Hand Hounds

With the option of donating a portion of your Bre Lewis Band CD purchase to Second Hand Hounds, Bre’s interest in the well being of Twin Cities dogs was put on a pure-hearted and philanthropic platform. We at Bras Optional would be interested to see if anyone at that god forsaken crack stack haunt bothered to donate a cent.

3. Casey


Without a doubt, their song, “Casey,” was the most energetic and standout performance of the night. As we talked about on the podcast, the video for this song was recently released and out very own Steph is featured in it.

2. Bre’s On Stage Banter


If you’re one of those people that likes organic and somewhat random audience interactions, catch a Bre Lewis Band show. Last Friday’s performance was brought to you by

1. Talent


The song lyrics, instrumental skill and overall cohesion as a band make this group something to be seen, heard and cared about. It was easy to tell who in the audience was there to support the band, but tragically the majority of bar patrons behaved as though the music was interrupting their binge drinking. Don’t believe me? Have a listen to their music. Let’s get some more of us out to their next show and appreciate their music how it was meant to be appreciated.