Do You Ever Have Those Nights…

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Do you ever have those nights where you have to call your mom? Your best friend? Text Your SO to tell them how wonderful they are?

I had one of those Friday nights where I planned to spend it entirely alone to unwind from a stressful week. I was going to throw on some Modern Family, snuggle with the pet and just hang out alone while the roommates do their thing aside from myself.

These nights really give you time to think and be grateful.

Grateful for your healthy lifestyle that your friends and family support. Grateful for the fact that you have a job (however stressful it may be). Grateful that you have a sweetie that will take time out of their day to come enjoy a meal with you, and simply grateful that you have all of these things in your life.

Statements such as these that not everyone can make are such fantastic signs that you’re doing okay in life. Sure, you might not be making that six figure salary, but you certainly have people that love you.

There is always more to want in life. I’d love to be able to live by myself, have a backyard for my dog, not worry about money, and get to go on vacations whenever I want. These things are still quite a ways off, but I can get there. Maybe I’ll even have some of these awesome people in my life along for the ride.

It was a great Friday night in. Even if I was alone, I got to be reminded of how not alone I am in my life. We all need the time to think about how good life is and I’m happy that I got to focus on that for a whole evening.