Top 5 Songs on Good Charlotte Pandora

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You know you’re getting up there when the biggest album of your pre-teen years is 12 years old now. Yes, Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless is 12 this year. I was in no way cool, popular or well-liked in middle school. That being said, I had 2 friends that would listen to this album with me while we drank Coca-Colas and made each other mix CDs of other deep (for the time) tracks that fed our pre-adolescent angst.

Being the nostalgic creature that I am, I decided to revisit some of the worst years of my life through music. What I can tell you is that this may be one of the best stations to do a high intensity cardio workout to.

Here are the songs that Steph and I think should make the top 5 best of the Good Charlotte Pandora Station’s lineup.

  1. “Dear Maria, Count Me In” – All Time Low
  2. “Misery Business” – Paramore
  3. “Memory” – Sugar Cult
  4. “Thunder” – Boys Like Girls
  5. “Riot Girl” – Good Charlotte

Honorable Mention

“Addicted” – Simple Plan

There it is. Our definitive list of the best of Good Charlotte Pandora Radio. Short and sweet.

So, here’s the part where you tell us about your favorite pop/punk songs of the early to mid 2000’s! Post your favorites in the comments below!