Unfucking Yourself

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Now that we’ve got your attention with that lovely headline, let’s jump right in and do a little self-assessment. You’ve done a little damage to yourself over the years. So have other people, substances and influences. But, hey- you’re still you with all of that baggage included.


Think about who you were before you cared so much about being everything you thought other people, society, or anything made you think you needed to be.

I was really sweet and outgoing. Very cartoonish, naive, sweet and excited. It took a few years of stupid parental expectations, parental abuse, self hatred and overall feelings of failure to pull me in the direction of separation from family, isolation, shallow relationships and settling for anything that resembled love and care.

All of that was insecurity.

What would 10 year old Haley think of me now?

She’d probably be excited that I’m happy, but a little disappointed in the fact that older Haley was passionate about something and gave up on it to be a better dog mom. She would also be super jazzed that I have a dog. Ten year-old Haley was awesome in the way that she didn’t give a fuck about anything but the people that loved her. Ten year old Haley was a fat-ass, but she was really cool. Pretty collected, but not pretty. I liked her better than 21-24 year-old Haley.

So that’s me.

How would you feel if you meditated on the person you were before everything in life happened?

Comments? Please?